Yes This is a Public Blog

Welcome new readers!

Board President, Jordan Battani, has seen this blog and been so kind as to let my fellow Board members know of its existence.  Of course, this blog is no secret and will be mixture of facts and opinions.  I hope that it will be useful in communicating what’s going on at the Hospital Board even if you don’t always agree with my editorial additions.  I know that I click on Mike McMahon’s blog regularly and wish he would write more, not less.  Discussion in the comments section of this blog, we have been advised could constitute a violation of the Brown Act if it involves more than one other Board member so I expect that any involvement they have will have to remain passive. 

FYI.  I have asked Jordan and Deborah Stebbins to add a separate agenda item for the next meeting on the wisdom of pursuing Primary Stroke Certification (PSC).  The President of the Board controls the agenda according to the District bylaws with the caveat that any item endorsed by at least 2 members of the Board must be placed on the agenda.  I hope people find this blog useful and I plan on reading all the comments. (I hardly expect to be overwhelmed given how much people have paid attention to the Hospital in the past.)

About egorelick

Gadfly. Former City of Alameda Healthcare District Board member.
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