Community Relations and Finance Committee Next Week

Agendas posted on website.  The packet for the Community Relations meeting is available and Finance should be on Monday.   I will be interested in the financials of course.  Stebbins already reported that November had positive income (after parcel tax subsidy) and I expect the same will be true for December given the fact that Stebbins also reported census numbers up for December.  I will be interested in cash flows as well as income.  The CFO’s and CEO’s report have some interesting items.  No closed session (I can’t recall how frequently the finance committee goes into closed session).

EDITED to add:  One thing I want to look at also is to see if there is any chance there might be a problem or a need for special planning to make sure the Hospital has the funds to send to the state for the Medi-Cal intergovernmental transfer (IGT) that comes back with matching funds.   It is a “free” money for the Hospital, but it would be good to know if there is any chance of a cash flow problem so that can be planned for appropriately.  I think somewhere around 2.5 million is needed to be available for 30 – 60 days, but I’m sure the CFO will be able to answer definitively.

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