2/7 Meeting – Official Agenda and Attachments Posted

Here. If there was any way to post them sooner, I wish that Hospital management would try.  I know that there are limited resources, but with meetings being on a Monday, the late Friday afternoon postings I think, limit review for some and risk having to cancel the meeting if there are any glitches (a la 11/1/2010).  I’ve already posted some questions I will have about the cash flow for the IGT and the November/December financials so the only new thing is a strongly worded memo by Kerry Easthope about the Hospital’s lack of compliance with the applicable regulation for NPC-2 or higher in all buildings offering acute care services.

I have asked that discussion of this memo be deferred if the legal basis for the opinion expressed is not solid.  If OSHPD concurs with Mr. Easthope’s interpretation then I will be surprised that nothing supporting his argument exists on the OSHPD website.  Of course, if OSHPD agrees with Mr. Easthope, I will be retracting my claim that the 1/1/2002 deadline was firm although mystified as to the lack of documentation as to OSHPD’s authority to waive this requirement.    Interestingly, at last month’s Board meeting, Mr. Easthope agreed with me that there was no extension to the 1/1/2002 deadline; something must have changed his mind and we will possibly find out tonight.

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