I Want Some of What They Are Smoking

I cannot recount the last Board meeting on June 6.  It was too long, surreal, and sad, but here are my top 5 “Alice through the looking glass” moments.

1.  Jordan Battani declaring that the filter she applied was the voters telling her that they wanted to keep the Hospital open. 

2.  Michael McCormick suggesting that had I attended the Finance Committee meetings the inconsistencies and unrealistic assumptions of the budget would make sense to me.

3.  Cannot recall exactly who said it, but I was told several times that healthcare accounting is strange and magical.  Actually, no it isn’t, at least not at the level that the Board considers the budget.

4.  The idea that entering into new debt when you are in violation of the loan covenants exposing yourself to the loan being called and other negative consequences is no big deal and that I was “fixating” on that aspect of the budget.

5.  The budget itself which projects a profit of over half a million dollars for the next fiscal year.

I suppose there ought to be six impossible things listed, but it all happened after breakfast.

About egorelick

Gadfly. Former City of Alameda Healthcare District Board member.
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