Preliminary Board Packet for 9/12

The preliminary Board packet is up at the District’s website.  I have already commented on some of the financial pieces.  I am not sure why the rest of the Board is so sanguine in the face of continuing losses. 

I am of mixed emotions regarding one item in the packet.  In a letter dated August 25, 2011, Joe Barger, Alameda County Interim Medical Director, approved routing of stroke patients to Alameda Hospital as of August 29.  Just noticed the press release, and, so far, no change to the online EMS manual.  I say I am of mixed emotions because although I would never, if at all possible, want to receive care for a CVA at Alameda Hospital (please note that to anyone who may be around if I have a witnessed event, I want transport elsewhere!), the Hospital did set a goal and meet it.  The original press release is here (scroll down a bit) and, although it’s been 10 months when they originally stated 6 months, missing a schedule by only 4 months is much better than most initiatives Management has been working at.

Last item is not related to the Hospital, but is related to strokes.  A great study published in the NEJM shows that a stroke treatment which many thought would be beneficial was in fact quite harmful.

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1 Response to Preliminary Board Packet for 9/12

  1. notoz says:

    “Alameda Hospital has made great strides in preparation for stroke center certification by the Joint Commission and expects to be certified in late September.” -Alameda hospital press release

    What does 'great strides' comprise? What technologies, equipment, and technically-competent teams have been put into place?

    “Alameda Hospital has continued to effectively care for stroke patients while working towards this important certification.” -Alameda hospital press release

    What are the statistics? Where is the evidence?

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