Odds and Ends

1.  There is a special meeting at 7:30 next Wednesday  morning to discuss “long-term care expansion”.  It would be unprecedented, but I encourage anyone who cares to show up and speak at 7:30am either for or against this expansion before the Board goes into closed session.

2.  Again, I am limited what I can say by certain dishonest people but I think I am safe in saying that the information given for next Wednesday’s meeting does not meet the criteria I laid out previously.

3.  The one year mark for my election to the Board is fast approaching (although I did not begin serving until a month afterwards).   It was that last meeting before I took office that the former Board (which included a Board majority of the current Board – Deutsch, McCormick, and Battani) gave CEO Stebbins a >$500,000 gift of 18 months severance. That Board also approved spending about a million dollars on a seismic retrofit project that will likely never happen.

4.  One thing that surprises people about the District is that the parcel tax is in perpetuity.  Another thing is that Board members serve without compensation (even Dr. Deutsch who does a great deal of business in and with the Hospital but that is, theoretically, unrelated to his Board membership).

5.  I can extend an offer to anyone the opportunity to comment anonymously, to the community, but not to me.  If you want me to repost a comment without any identifying information then send it to my email and I will post it verbatim (or send you a reply explaining why not). [Sorry to be cryptic, but to avoid spam – “my last name” then a period “the @ sign spelled out” then a period “alamedahospital” then the at sign “gmail.com”]

6.  I will be requesting of Management that the reports for August financials be available before next Wednesday’s special meeting so that the adherence (or lack of adherence) to the 2011/12 budget can be evaluated as part of the process of assessing the credibility of the plans that will be presented in closed session.

UPDATED: 7.  One last thing.  I do not collect information about visitors to this blog.  Mainly because I am cheap and the free tools available for that sort of thing are not that good, but also because I am not totally comfortable with the idea.  My “hello management” comment in a post below was based on the idea that the “perception” that Stebbins was referencing would most likely have originated from this site and not on any examination of a list of IP addresses.

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Gadfly. Former City of Alameda Healthcare District Board member.
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