Hospital loses $100,000 in August

At this point the District is over 1/2 million dollars behind in its budget.  Not much else to say.  The entire packet can be found here.  I would be surprised if September can be positive since the 50,000 administrative fine will hit for that month and although there may be some modification to that in the future, my guess is it would be too early, from an accounting point of view for this to be recorded as anything but an expense/liability.

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Gadfly. Former City of Alameda Healthcare District Board member.
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1 Response to Hospital loses $100,000 in August

  1. mosaicland says:

    Alameda, the only place you really can get away with murder. If you're a pulmunologist who hasn't bothered to stay current with the appropriate use of 100mcg fentanyl patches (hint: NOT respiratory distress), for example, or a fire fighter still pissed off at the city for taking away your utterly unnecessary fireboat (- I want my toy! I'm such a chick magnet in it! Malpractice? Negligent homicide? All yours right here in Alameda, and for a remarkably small campaign contribution. Yes, it's really that corrupt here in Alameda County, and especially in Alameda.

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