Generating More Heat Than Light

Some people will never be convinced no matter the documentation or the facts.  If anyone wants to read the 3 navel gazing posts then email me.  I am disgusted with many in Alameda and will not be shy about saying so, but I will not have arguments within my family.  For the record, the reaction was not, “That’s wrong and unfair to Leah Williams”.  The reaction was, “You don’t understand, they don’t care if people die, why should they care if your life is destroyed.  Truth means nothing to these people.”

P.S.  I’m sure people have screen shots.  It is what it is.
P.P.S.  John Knox White’s and Lauren Do’s blog posts suggesting I am “the source” of all that happened are nothing more than a sophist “he was asking for it” defense of their political allies.

About egorelick

Gadfly. Former City of Alameda Healthcare District Board member.
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4 Responses to Generating More Heat Than Light

  1. eselqueso says:

    In Alameda, we shoot the messenger and squelch their message, haven't you learned that by now? Who cares if you're right, you're a nasty evil man for speaking out of turn and saying something that makes people think that their Stepford Wives world isn't as it seems. Shame on you, Elliott. Keep up the good work.

  2. Glinda of Oz says:

    Do & her trolls don't realize the libel they post can put Elliott thru an investigation he must take seriously to keep his license, simply for exercising his right to Honest free speech. That's what's under attack in these Alameda blogs, truth-telling Free Speech.

  3. notoz says:

    What Williams has done is malicious. What is equally malicious is apparent support she is getting from Gorelick's peers: board members Battani, Deutsch, McCormick, and Chen. Every board member who has not spoken up to the correct agencies on Gorelick's behalf are committing a malicious act by failing to act.

    They should all be embarrassed and, IMO, run off the board (can we do a recall?)…and run out of town for the ongoing harm to public health that their decisions, policies and strategies cause us.

    Can Battani and McCormick run again in 2012? If so, we vote them down. If not, we vote for candidates who exhibit a commitment to evidence- and performance-based leadership. We must stop this trainwreck funded with our annual millions!

  4. notoz says:

    ok, so just so EVERYONE knows, it took me 20 minutes just now to post that comment. I was logged using Chrome, logged into wordpress, and nothing would work. So I launched Firefox, and tried it again;blogspot wouldn't acknowledge my wordpress ID unless I logged into wordpress first and separately; and then it did work but only if I clicked PREVIEW and followed that process (POST COMMENT doesn't work!). FYI yawl!

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