Placeholder for 10/10 Board Meeting

I want to wait until the District gets the full Board packet up this evening before commenting.  My earlier post is here.  This opportunity does not increase the number of beds available for SNF services since Waters Edge is currently operating and will, as far as I know, continue operating whether the District takes it over or not.  Thus, it must be evaluated on the basis of whether it makes financial sense.  For that question to be answered, a critical look at the numbers that Management has provided is necessary.  Of course, the initial take is very good; otherwise, why would they bring it to the Board?   The question is whether the incentives to shade the presentation so as not to have to admit a mistake (or the futility of the Hospital’s financial plight) is overwhelming accurate analysis.

Update:  I may soon move from blogger to wordpress.  It looks like an easy transition and although I don’t know it to be better than blogger, that’s what everyone has told me.

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Gadfly. Former City of Alameda Healthcare District Board member.
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