Memo to Debi Stebbins

In the past, I have suggested that you should resign.

If you want to avoid criticism by me with regard to the financial performance of the District (loses money), your credibility (the escape clause is weak, at best, based on Chris Zimmerman’s own statements), and the quality of the financial analysis you endorse (the Water’s Edge project numbers are overly optimistic and the “Return on Investment/Contract Risk” presentation is a completely non-standard/useless presentation) then there is an easy solution.  Resign.  One would suspect though that the significant compensation that you receive and the severance of almost 500,000 promised in your contract would preclude you from taking advantage of that solution to your problem.

About egorelick

Gadfly. Former City of Alameda Healthcare District Board member.
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1 Response to Memo to Debi Stebbins

  1. notoz says:

    The Board should be firing her. But since CEO Stebbins has the support of the majority of the Alameda Healthcare District Board, then a recall of those AHD Board Members is in order. The majority of the board is not rational and are putting residents at increasing risk for debt. After 10 years of parcel taxes, the residents SHOULD be getting better services through skillful use of our monies and reduced debt obligations. Why aren't they?Any organization will naturally evolve towards the reduction of risk. The only time it does not is when there is either ignorance (lack of information or inability to think things through) or corruption. We know, evidence shows, that the directions the AHD Board leadership are taking us are increasing our risk (medically, financially). We also know that the facts are available and those in charge have the mental capacity to comprehend them. We can, then, safely conclude that there is corruption in the AHD board and hospital systems' leadership and manaegment.

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