Excuses, Excuses

The title refers to why I haven’t posted (see below).

The only substantive District information I have is that Stebbins was mistaken when she indicated that the State would forgo retroactive reimbursement for the Medi-Cal rate reductions in DP/SNF should the injunction by Judge Snyder not be upheld (that is, overturned on appeal).   The assertion made forcefully by her 3 times (February Board meeting, March Finance meetinga, and March Board meeting) in response to my questioning the authenticity of the claim turned out to be inaccurate.  I would call that incompetent.

The rate reductions will have about a 500,000 annual impact on the District’s bottom line and even more once Water’s Edge is incorporated into the mix.  It is true that an injunction is in place, so there is an argument for recording the higher reimbursement as revenue rather than reserving it against a final determination but management should be clear on the facts so they can properly assess and communicate risk (especially when they are explicitly questioned not once, but three times).

Obviously, it has been some time since I posted.  I did manage to make the move to wordpress, but not much else.  There are three reasons for this:

1.  The obvious one is that I have been busy and had better things to do.

2.  I am sure it is obvious to most of my readers ( hello spammers and phishers ) that I am frustrated by the process.  My fellow Board members are just wrong about many things not the least of which is their blind trust in management.  I have been over this numerous times and certainly Jordan Battani does not appreciate being called stupid, callous, willfully ignorant, and irresponsible just like I don’t appreciate the nasty things she has said about me.  One way that I have avoided these characterizations of my fellow Board members is by avoiding documenting the stupid, callous, willfully ignorant, and irresponsible way that they run the Hospital.  I am just being selfish here since by avoiding the fight, things work out better for me.  And certainly none of my fellow Board members necessarily act this way outside of their scope of their Board responsibilities; in fact, all evidence points to them being the exact opposite in the other spheres of their lives.

3.  Lack of feedback.  Alameda just doesn’t care.  It’s amazing in a town that can get up in arms about a 1.5 million dollar  annual sales tax to fund a whole host of relatively minor things, the 5.7 million dollar annual parcel tax garners almost zero attention.  The only thing that people seem to care about is “civility”.

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1 Response to Excuses, Excuses

  1. Denise Lai says:

    Great perspective there. I think the reason people are up-in-arms about the new sales tax is that Alameda residents are being taxed to death. The school parcels taxes, largest in the SF Bay Area I believe, are hurting businesses, landlords, and residents alike. Paying more to buy local is going to exacerbate things, but worse: the sales tax measure is poorly written, a blank check that will be used according to the will of those in charge (and they don’t listen to the people!) and to gain bonds against future revenues—a pricey way to go at any time, but in a recession? Ridiculous.

    People don’t care about the hospital because there’s an endemic belief that we need it no matter what. No one is able to comprehend how poorly our $300/year/household is being spent, and no one gets that a new medical services paradigm—urgent care—would better serve us on a daily basis and be sufficient in an emergency. Alameda is elitist and likes to own its own things. It’s killing our city coffers owning our own public services. A cultural shift to understand facts, figures, and reality over feelings and preferences is needed. Alamedans like to side with the side that makes them feel best, and thinking critically is not a process that they like; hence responding positively to evidence based discussions is not popular here. Hence our ongoing, extremely unacceptable conditions (by any contemporary standards) and predicaments.

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