Combined Finance and Board Meeting 7/25/12

1.  The District lost money again for June.  The total loss for the year is about 2 million dollars.

2.  There is no objective reason to think the Hospital benefits people.  There is every reason to think it harms people relative to the alternatives.  Therefore, we (Alamedans) waste our money so people can end up sicker.

3.  Please consider running for Hospital Board. 

4.  The budget as presented in the material for the 7/25 meeting is a 50/50 proposition at best.  It certainly does not take into account the 50,000 fine for improper pharmacy administration that the Hospital is appealing (and will likely lose).  Nor does it consider that the AB97 injunction may be lifted and the State will come calling for between 100 and 250 thousand dollars of overpayment of DP/SNF charges for South Shore.

5.  The predictions for expenses are doable but optimistic (orthopedics expenses could easily be underestimated).  The predictions for revenue increases from some of the new services are doable but optimistic (wound care and orthopedics are likely a bit sunny while skilled nursing is probably ok).  The predictions for acute care volumes are likely wildly optimistic.

6.  Based on the above, my best guess is that the District will lose about 1 million in the next fiscal year for which the Board will approve a budget (on a vote of 4-1).  My guesses are that the Hospital will lose 3 million, SNF will contribute about 1 million and that wound care and orthopedics will break even or be positive by about 1million.

7.  Keep in mind that these are wild guesses, but my wild guesses have been consistently better than Management’s considered judgement.


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1 Response to Combined Finance and Board Meeting 7/25/12

  1. Adam says:

    Thank you for your reply.
    I still see the illegal car parked in the illegal parking zone at Alameda Hospital
    I saw the owner of that car putting something in his car his car he that he brought for inside the hospital on Friday 10/5/2012 at 7:25 AM. That make me suspected that he steal from the hospital and that is why he has his car parked close by, this way no one would see him taking the hospital stuff and he does not have to walk in the open with the hospital stuff, allegedly.
    I would like an audit done immediately to the storage room and hospital supplies.
    I would like to know who gave this man permission to tamper with safety issue by removing the no parking’s then posting the new sigh.
    I would like to know who paid for that new sign?
    I would like to know, did he consult the the city of Alameda building Codes before he posted that new sign?

    I would like that to be removed from the hospital due to illegal activties he allegedly committed.
    I would like that the head of the Alameda hospital removed and fired immediately for not allegedly doing her job and allegedly allowed the corruption and the illegal activities by some of the employees.

    From: Community Relations
    To: Concerned Alamedan
    Sent: Wednesday, October 3, 2012 11:43 AM
    Subject: Re: why Alameda Hospital is not making money?


    Thank you for your e-mail. We appreciate feedback from the community
    and I will forward your comments to the appropriate individuals.

    Louise Nakada
    Alameda Hospital Community Relations

    >>> Concerned Alamedan 10/1/2012
    2:55 PM >>>
    One must ask, why Alameda home owners still paying about five million
    of dollars every year to the Alameda Hospital and what this money is
    spent on?
    In recent visit to Alameda hospital, I saw the employee who parks his
    car illegally on Alameda hospital property, spending 30 minutes at the
    department where I went to do some lab work. He did not only go to kill
    time until he leaves at 3:30 to go home, but to abuse other employees
    Alameda hospital has over-head, too many not needed employees and
    parking management company and losses money, why? Corrupted and abuser
    What we should do about it? If the hospital want to keep the money
    coming , the free money it gets from Alameda homes owners, they must
    fire that employees and all his relatives who are employed by the
    hospital. The head of Alameda hospital must be fired too, why? She is
    not doing her job and when she was told about the illegal parking of the
    employees, she did nothing, she is to be blamed as these corrupted
    employees.C lean the Alameda hospital from these people. I noticed the
    employees either standing smoking around the hospital or sitting in
    their cars killing time. I can make this great hospital make money, I
    know where to start.
    The people who are working for this hospital with sincerity are the
    volunteers. Security guard do not do their jobs either, how? I saw
    residents who live on Willow street parked their cars in Alameda parking
    lot. NO one questioned them. Of course, if the Alameda visitors or any
    body who come to Alameda hospital to do business, they will not find
    parking. why? it is used by residents living on Willow street.
    There is parking company hired by the hospital to give free service to
    visitors. If there was no enough income, meaning less people who come to
    do business, then why the parking company? NO business no people
    coming,, right?
    These Alameda employees spent their times moving their cars from sunny
    area to shady areas, these employees have nothing on their mind but to
    move their cars, can these employees produce? Can they money for the
    Sadly enough, when the head of the administrative office was told about
    the cars that park illegally and that is hazardous to other people, the
    employee, took off the no parking sign and replaced it with “storage
    parking” sign. This man think he is VIP and he must park illegally, he
    needs parking space like the president of big notch, he wants reserved
    parking, you must fire that corrupted employee now and the head of that
    hospital, they are destroying the Alameda hospital. Fire the parking
    company, save money. Fire these out of control disrespecting of the laws
    people. NO good will come as long as these people staying, they got
    money for free, they do not do work. Fire all the administration people
    start at the head, she allowed that corruption and it has to stop or
    Alameda home owner stop paying them the Five million dollars every

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