Ask the Candidates (#1)

I have termed the Board’s oversight as “complacent”.  (Of course, some think my preferred approach is nitpicky or micromanaging.)  I would like the Healthcare District Board candidates to state their approach to oversight.  If there is some confusion by what I mean, specifically, by complacent then what do they think of the following 3 scenarios:
1.  Allowing stroke certification to be entirely overlooked for years until the County stopped allowing stroke patients to come to Alameda Hospital.

2.  Allowing NPC2 certification to be entirely ignored for years (in contravention to state regulations) until the state writes several letters making it clear that they will begin enforcing these regulations meaning the Hospital would be forced to close.

3.  Allowing the financial health of the District to deteriorate until the Bank of Alameda made it clear that it could no longer extend credit unless additional collateral was made available so that the Jaber Trust properties have to now be mortgaged.

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Gadfly. Former City of Alameda Healthcare District Board member.
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1 Response to Ask the Candidates (#1)

  1. Denise Lai says:

    Battani and McCormick have been key in driving these three policies of deceptive (to the public who fund the hospital) and extraordinarily poor leadership which 100% works against what’s rational and *unacceptably* ensures a substandard facility. They should not re-elected on November.

    Additionally, these three things apply to Vice Mayor Bonta; he was on the AHD Board ‘overseeing’ the first two items and certainly overextending the hospital with prior loans etc. secured by the continued levying and (mis)use of the annual property tax revenue. This shows a career built upon deception and disservice. Bonta has performed in like as Vice Mayor and will be a total hazard to the people on the Assembly. Let’s keep him local where he can do less damage for the next two years (vote Abel Guillen).

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