Quick Takes

1.  I think that unless the torrent of money (which didn’t help Meg Whitman) or a stunning debate changes things, you can stick a fork in Romney.  The most interesting question is really whether his taxes leak prior to the election or not.

2.  The District needed an emergency loan from its claims processing vendor to keep the lights on.  If you are in that dire a situation (no reserves and tapped out at the bank), something is seriously wrong.

3.  Go read the report known as a 2567 for the $50,000 fine that the Hospital received from CDPH.   If you read the whole thing and think that the State will reverse the fine then you are quite the optimist.  Pay special attention to the description of patient 2 which starts at the bottom of page 4 and goes through page 9.  Note especially where, at the bottom of page 7,  when the state investigator documents his interview with the pulmonologist (MD #1), he expresses his disbelief of the MD’s explanation that the fentanyl patches were prescribed for “respiratory distress”.  After confirming that MD #1 is full of it with respect to any evidence that the prescription of fentanyl patches for respiratory distress is a good idea, the investigator then hammers his point home with subsequent interviews with 2 pharmacists and 2 RNs where he  makes the point that noone thought that these patches were for respiratory distress and noone knew of any reason to think that application of fentanyl patches to treat respiratory distress was a good idea.

4.  Paul Ryan is an easy liar who is confident he would not be challenged and that he could avoid the label of liar if he was challenged.  NOONE misremembers a 4 hour marathon time as sub-3 hour; perhaps, if they have dementia.

5.  The Institute of Medicine estimates that 750 billion dollars is wasted in healthcare expenditures in this country every year.  No surprise here.

6.  The immediate survival of the Hospital will likely be determined over the next 6 months.  There are few, if any, additional opportunities to stave off the inevitable.

7.  Even if the Hospital survives, the District would need to create a financing plan for seismic retrofit or the Hospital will end up missing the 2020 deadline.  I do not believe this deadline will be ignored the way earlier earthquake requirements have been ignored.

8.  It will be interesting to see what the impact of 2 brand new hospitals (Oakland and San Leandro Kaisers) will be when they are completed in the next year or so.

About egorelick

Gadfly. Former City of Alameda Healthcare District Board member.
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