The 47% really annoy me? (navel gazing)

I’m talking about the people who are going to vote for Mitt Romney.  How can they tolerate a liar who will just tell them what they want to hear?  But that’s the mystery I face at every Board meeting when I face 4 people all who I believe are “nicer” than me in the conventional sense and certainly claim to believe in civility more than I do (although there is that nasty words vs. deeds conflict).

Because besides the fact that the District spends 5.7 million dollars of Alamedan’s tax money every year (plus losses that erode the balance sheet); the Hospital ends up causing death and illness that would not occur if we closed it down.

This is especially galling to me, someone who believes government has a positive role to play and should be the primary provider of basic needs.  (YES MITT, I believe those 47% have it exactly right when they think they are entitled to things like healthcare, education, subsistence food and shelter needs, etc.  100% are entitled to that, at a minimum, whether they pay taxes or not.)  When government wastes money, I don’t see it as a reason to shut government down because there is waste everywhere.  But we shouldn’t turn a blind eye to waste especially when it is hurting people and our civic leaders should not be BS’ing people about safety or financial responsibility.

“Nationally recognized experts” for one should be offering truth and leadership and not myths and conventional wisdom.  That’s what is so disappointing to me; that people who at least pay lip service to the same philosophy of government I believe in are willing to lie in order to protect the status quo.  I expect that of Republicans (whether they call themselves Tea Partiers, Liberterians, or traditional GOP), but I hope for better from Democrats.
P.S.  To end on a positive note, the Alameda Community Health Fair is this weekend and well worth it.  (Just don’t get your follow-up care at the Hospital if it involves any acute services.)

About egorelick

Gadfly. Former City of Alameda Healthcare District Board member.
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