Random thoughts on the election and other stuff

1.  THANK YOU Leland Traiman for running.  It’s not easy to openly express an unpopular view.  And I will reiterate, “Because besides the fact that the District spends 5.7 million dollars of Alamedan’s (should be “Alamedans’ — embarassed that Heather Wood had to add a “sic” to that over at the The Alamedan) tax money every year (plus losses that erode the balance sheet); the Hospital ends up causing death and illness that would not occur if we closed it down.

2.  To people who dispute the above statement on the basis that I can’t possibly know that care at Alameda Hospital results in poorer outcomes, I point you to all those who were willing to attack Nate Silver for having the temerity to suggest that Obama would win the election.  You may not believe you are in synch with Karl Rove, but, in this small (?) way, you are very much related.
3.  XKCD has the best take on Nate Silver’s and Sam Wang’s war with the pundits:  MATH.

4.  Thank you Tracy Jensen for running.  It’s not clear to me why you ran, but, if it was to take a seat in case Stewart Chen moved to the City Council then I would say your relatively strong showing puts you in the lead for that seat should you apply.

5.  Congratulations to Stewart Chen who appears to be likely to move to the City Council taking the seat that is likely to be vacated by Rob Bonta of good resume, friendly demeanor, and good looks.

6.  Congratulations to Rob Bonta.  I didn’t vote for you because of your District Board service, but I think you are definitely worthy of the State Assembly.  I think you will do a fine job and my vote was a close call.  Take a stand once in a while.  Stand up to your backers or the conventional wisdom.  Don’t always take the easy route; I don’t think Cesar Chavez was trying to win any popularity contests.  Combine all the assets you have especially your gentle nature, your intelligence, your good looks with some courage and you will not only go far (which seems predestined), but you will have something to show for it.

7.    Congratulations to Jordan Battani and Michael McCormick.   Could someone explain the 3000 vote difference in you tallies?  I certainly know that you are different people who don’t always think alike, but I saw nothing in your campaigns that would distinguish you two to that degree.  Maybe your ballot statements?

8.  Thank your favorite higher power that Mary Hayashi went down to defeat.  Having a convicted thief replace an addict on the Alameda County Board of Supervisors would have been shameful.

9.  Disappointed that Swalwell defeated Pete Stark, the only atheist in Congress.  Yes, Pete was the lesser of two evils and should have stepped aside this cycle, but now I fear that we will be stuck with the slimy Swalwell for multiple terms.  Of course, I was proud to cast my vote for Barbara Lee.

10.  I’m happy that Obama won a second term and that the Senate was retained for the Democrats, but I expected that result.

11.  I am THRILLED that the State Assembly and State Senate have supermajorities.  Please don’t give away the store to the prison guards.  Please do raise taxes.  Please fund higher education, healthcare for all, schools, environmental regulation, etc., etc.

Enough.  Board Meeting tonight.  I will try to get back to regular summaries, but no promises.  Come visit us if you plan on applying for the open seat.


About egorelick

Gadfly. Former City of Alameda Healthcare District Board member.
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