The Reason I Resigned (Closure?)

The Hospital’s continued operation results in unnecessary death.  In other words, the Hospital KILLS people.  Although I had my disagreements with my fellow Board members, I could not reconcile the moral obligation that I felt to try to do something to end these unnecessary deaths (or, to call it what it really is – negligent homicide) with the fact that I don’t believe them to be evil people (just causing an evil result).  The other conflict was that these supposedly smart and respectable people would always have a bigger and more credible platform than I would (many times I was derided for being right by fellow Board members; I vividly recall Jordan Battani, in closed session sneering at me and telling me that all I cared about was being right)  so that any effort I made to point out the fundamentally corrupt nature of the District [tax the people having the effect of increasing the amount of death in the community in exchange for jobs and respectability for pillars of  the community like Deborah Stebbins, Robert Deutsch, and Stewart Chen] was futile.

With the politically engineered merger with the County’s system, the inevitable ending of the Hospital’s existence due to an unsustainable financial model was not going to happen. The conflicts became impossible to ignore.  I wasn’t going to call them murderers  since that seemed extreme and inaccurate, but I couldn’t look at them across the table and listen to their casually arrogant lies and insults without feeling a deep hatred for each and every one of my fellow Board members.

Not at all karmically good.  So I resigned to be happier and to ignore the Hospital as much as I could.   I still occasionally check the financial statements to confirm that they continue to lose money.  I may point out to people if they ask me that the Hospital is a festering sore upon the community.  AND I certainly will never, ever voluntarily go to the Hospital or allow a member of my family to receive care there, but my relationship with the Hospital and this blog are done.

I wish each and every person who works for the Hospital good luck.  I hope you will take whatever opportunity you can to find a position in another healthcare organization that promotes wellbeing rather than one that through institutional malaise destroys health.  If changing jobs is not possible then I wish you the strength and wisdom to minimize the damage the organization as a whole does through your individual efforts.

About egorelick

Gadfly. Former City of Alameda Healthcare District Board member.
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1 Response to The Reason I Resigned (Closure?)

  1. Trixie Green says:

    Thank you for trying, Elliot. I too will never voluntarily darken that hospital’s door, nor allow anyone I care about to do so.

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