Clever Title

Breaking a long silence because I just can’t countenance the knee jerk defense for Bonta, Vellia, Oddie, and DelBono.  These people are not evil, but their supporters’ stupid “nothing to see here” BS (I’m looking at you Blogging Bayport plus some of the progressive Alameda twittersphere) is Trumpian in its lack of self-awareness.  We are talking about a months long effort involving threats on a person’s employment, (both the city manager and IAFF members),  decisions about fire safety (lack of mutual aid to Moraga, allusions to Raymond Zack), and legislative blackmail (Bonta) in order to get the hand-picked IAFF candidate placed in the highest level management position for that Union’s membership.  That’s f’d up and you have to have your head up your a** to not see that.

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Gadfly. Former City of Alameda Healthcare District Board member.
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1 Response to Clever Title

  1. Denise Lai says:

    Spot on. Thank you for saying this. That hiring someone with a stellar *fire management* CV as fire chief, instead of hiring from the ranks, was a problem for any single person in our city let alone elected officials….is the problem.

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